Friday, 8 December 2017

You Are Soul

There is a huge lie fed daily to the human race- that liberation is found in ego, self indulgence, winning, separating, dividing disregard of respect and certainly without acknowledgement of the soul.
The REAL liberation is found in breaking out of that system and trend setting a new way for others altogether.

The souls that shine the brightest are the one's who refuse to turn the volume down on their conscience, the one's who turn away from the herd and tread down a different pathway like little warriors, even if it means coming up against the whole world just to stand strong and point the true way home. 

The real rebels of society are the ones who reject anything that falls short of the purity of the heart.
Real liberation is all about running renegade in the opposite direction and back to the truths- to the core of spirit.
THAT is liberation.
That is what it means to be free.
That is what it means to be high.

Start serving your spirit first, be the light in the darkness and lead the way fiercely, feed your soul with the love that you were born out of instead of the vulgarity that society presents to you as 'the norm'.

Forget what model car you're buying next , whether L’Oreal can make your hair reflect the light of the sun. Forget what colour Vans will get your bird into bed, or if that new brand of washing detergent is set to change your life. Forget eye for an eye and kiss the cheeks of your enemies. Forget everything that you have learnt about 'each for their own' (you are a pack animal), re-learn sexuality- (re-learn gender- of which the soul has none), re-learn morality, re-learn ethics, re-learn what is right and what is wrong and this time, re-learn it from the core of your spirit, instead of your neon, media dictator) . 

Our generation is The Golden Opportunity.
There is another way- and each of us have the responsibility to lead as individuals, to step outside of the trend and start trail blazing for the future generations.

So step up.
'Be from the world, but not of the world.'

Bring the light down from the skies inwardly and blast it back out onto every stranger you encounter.
Re-train yourselves to see and know true freedom - turn back to knowing your soul and be wild, wild, wild once again.

Stay pure at heart, planet Earth. 
The time is now.