Friday, 8 December 2017

Two Animals Are We

To have you hold me with your paws and the barely silent growl of your breathing as you fall asleep behind me sends me to this place where I am a little animal in a cave beside you since the time you brought me home.
And I look out at the night kings overhead and pounce in grasses so high where I can be wild and free until the dawn leaks down once more.
But for you, I leave there every morning to bound home and find you awake where you wait with the lips and the gaze you hold just for me.
I swear I will never sleep again so that I might stand beside you forever and catch each smile that forms the creases on your face.
I would lick each one as your story unfolds with the tip of my pretty tongue.
And as days roll into breathy nights I will absorb your body unfolding over mine, where I become less than an animal before the hazy light that you bring.
Like a whiskey high that falls from your mind in strips of warmth to my breast with the softest eyes of nature that I am always so glad to drown in.
And I have fallen so completely for you that I am gone, even from existence until you bring your words to me so that I may transcend them all over and over again.
Then my body might re appear as something more than light and my tail grow back just long enough to wrap around yours and see that you have become so delicious that I could maybe eat you whole.