Friday, 8 December 2017

Little Hurricane

To the infinite moment that caught me,
I run there barefoot through my mind
as the sun spilt her nectar across your back
and I followed on from behind.
In that moment I saw you again,
And I fell like a bird through the sky
And you smiled because you knew it-
I’d always be by your side.
Where we move to the echoes of reverse sounds,
Where adoration is drunk up by our lips,
Where we chase the magic that sparks and fades
And we vanish at the join of our hips.
Love me because i’m a long way from home.
Love me because my mind is so young.
I might be worth a million sparrows one day,
When all the other songs have been sung.
The adventure is wherever you are now.
Home is when I arrive at your door.
Take me spinning on the road you walk on down,
Little hurricane- I am yours.