Wednesday, 1 June 2016

How to Create a Life you won't need a Vacation from...

Deep down, everyone is trying to escape the mundane.
Everyone has that seemingly insignificant nagging sensation suggesting that, perhaps, there is more magic yet to be found waiting around the next corner on their hopelessly predictable path.

For some, it is a moment of realisation that only hits home after they have reached the end of their ‘to watch list’ on TV, after they have realised that changing their coffee brand hasn’t changed their life and that their new hair cut hasn’t had an impact on their happiness in the slightest. It is sometimes only then, that a glimmer of realisation is born. The individual begins to glow a little flicker of light that starts in their eyes and slowly gets extinguished by the oppressive eye of society that laughs at such fanciful ideas of freedom.

‘Fun??? Silly mortal, get back to work!’ ]

The thing is, humans (although ape-like on weekends) are magical, conscious beautiful creatures!! Suppress the feeling, though you might, but you will never kill that nagging sensation. We deserve to live a life full of magic and adventure, because then we would be a true reflection of what we really are at the core.
Can you even imagine anything more magical than an animal who has evolved into consciousness, who is able to think, philosophise, ponder, create, learn, love, design, dream, and has incidentally also invented all the technology necessary to propel such magical daydreams into reality?

Welcome to the human race!

Alas, we are presented with a morbid version of reality indeed! We are offered a life of mundanity- the classic 9-5 day job, clad in a *yawn* shirt and tie, a mortgage for that house you get to fill up with the junk that you slave so hard to buy on a daily basis, a partner, some kids and a cat who hates you. Oh, and let’s not forget- lucky sods- that wonderfully awkward holiday to Mallorca once a year to weep bitterly into a Martini about the life you could have lived. Whilst all the time feeling the weight of the world and all the chores you left behind, which would be there to greet you as soon as you step back over the border and into the airport. [Urggghhhhhhh].

Do we ever stop to consider how optional this lifestyle really is?

Well, it took far too many whiskeys on the stroke of the New Year to reject that existence once and for all, when my best friend turned to me and said,
It's 2016. Let’s create a life that we won’t even need a vacation from.’
And through my rather hazy vision, (which just so happened to be located beneath the shade of a rather accommodating table), I mumbled back a wonderfully optimistic- if a little slurred-

Because why not?
The adventure begins when you decide to run after it. The magic wants to be chased, and it will land not once in the lap of even the luckiest of us without such a chase.

For me, the adventure starts here- documented from the beginning. Perhaps this will give you confidence to also break out as we leave our mundane lives behind and head into a lifestyle which rejects society as it stands; where creativity is embraced as a career, a boat as a home, where we return to a more spiritual, humanitarian, natural- dare I say Vegan- way of being, and enter a new life of play, where magic and unconventional adventures are found even surrounded by the grime of the city.

This blog is all about taking back  the magical world which has always been ours to embrace, despite the drab reality we are too often sold.
I hope it inspires you to take yours back too :)

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